What is the Mediterranean Diet?
Inspired by the food of Greece, Italy and Spain, the Mediterranean diet focuses on eating a lot of vegetables (particularly leafy greens), fresh fruit, legumes and wholegrain cereals.

On top of that, olive oil is the main fat, you’ll regularly eat nuts, fish and seafood and only small portions of red meat, particularly processed meats rich in fat. You can also have yoghurt and cheese a little, in moderation. All meal plans in Fernwood programs follow the Mediterranean diet.

What are the benefits on mental health?
The Food and Mood Centre has been investigating the link between a Mediterranean-style diet and the prevention of depression.

Through research, the Food and Mood Centre have found a healthy diet, such as the Mediterranean diet, with a high intake of vegetables, fruit, wholegrains, nuts, seeds, fish and limited processed foods can reduce the risk of some mental disorders. On the other hand, eating food that is processed or high in fat or sugar can increase that risk.

Top 10 tips for eating the Mediterranean way

  1. Pick fruits, vegetables and nuts as snacks

  2. Include vegetables with every meal, especially leafy greens

  3. Pick wholegrain breads and cereals

  4. Eat legumes 3-4 times a week

  5. Eat oil fish at least twice a week

  6. Eat lean red meat 3-4 times a week

  7. Include 2-3 serves of dairy into your daily diet

  8. Use olive oil as the main added fat

  9. Pick sweets on special occasions only

  10. Drink plenty of water

Learn more about the link between nutrition and mental health at foodandmoodcentre.com.au